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Former Principal

It is with immense pleasure and joy I recall the humble beginnings of St. Joseph’s Convent School, Kotma. In the year 2001 this Institution was started by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Tarbes, under the able leadership of Sr. Teresa Paul –Manager & Sr. Shashinta – Head Mistress.

I wish to recall the 8 students who marked the beginnings of St. Joseph’s Convent School,  Kotma.
Deep Narayan Gupta, Gayatri Devi Marco, Rajiv Garg, Satendre Singh, Sudhanjali Tiwari, Sunil Patel, Sailendre Singh and Owais Raja were the beginners.

From then on there has been a steady growth in the number of students. It is rightly said that when educating the minds of the youth we must not forget to educate their hearts too. At SJCS, Kotma we focus on discovering, developing and tapping the hidden talents, potentials & dynamism lying dormant inside every student. Our aim is not only making good students but also brilliant human beings. Students are constantly guided with moral values, counseling, home visits and personal attention at all the levels.

I am indeed happy with the progress the School has made by imbibing in its students value based education, synchronized with modern teaching-learning methods to produce a well informed and emotionally sound generation.

Success of the students greatly depends on the teachers, parents and the School staff working together.  Here are a few ways where we depend on parents to contribute to their child’s success in the school:

  • Make sure that your child is regular to school and arrives on time each day. By 8.40 a.m. students have to be in, while the bell rings at 8.45 a.m. Excellent attendance is the first step towards students reaching grade level standards; they must be present and on time to do their best.

Kindly give your son/ daughter a solid breakfast which will enable them to concentrate and participate in their learning. Also hand them a good home made lunch every day.
Our dismissal time is 12.45 for the K.G. Block .
2p.m. for Std III to Std X and 3 p.m. for Std XI & XII.

  • Create a culture of learning at home. Supporting your child with this measure includes, helping them with home work each night, making sure your child has rested well and is ready to learn each day.
  • Participate in the parent teachers meetings. These meetings with your child’s teacher will provide you with important information pertaining to your child’s achievements towards grade level mastery, friendships, social behavior and all round development.
  • Keep our School Motto “EVER PREPARED” alive in the school hours as well as outside.

Parents, you are extremely important in helping us to create and maintain a safe school culture and climate.  We must be in the same team in teaching students the importance of treating others with respect. Help your child to be – “A Difference Maker” for others.

We depend on our students, parents and staff members to assist in creating a great place for kids to learn. Our society is depending on us to produce future citizens with strong work ethics and value towards integrity.

Our hope is that our Website will provide you with the most up-to-date relevant & important information so that you can stay informed and make the best decisions during your time at SJCS Kotma.

Please feel free to explore the web site to learn more about our extra-curricular activities, music, dance, karate, volleyball, basketball, the upcoming special events, important announcements, special information and much more on a regular basis. You will be able to view the many achievements of our students; so that you too can be a proud part of our SJCS family.

I look forward to working with you and your child throughout the school year to provide a conducive, safe and enjoyable learning environment that highly supports students’ success.

Good schools are built on the efforts of good people and I believe that our teachers and students are among the very best. Why not come and judge for yourselves?  We would be delighted to meet you.

Sr. Rashmie Prabhu
Former Principal

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